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      We currently
      ship across Canada and the United States.

      Shipping Rates:

      Single Prints (all provinces): $15.00

      All other products (Ontario): $17.00

      All other products (all provinces, excluding Ontario): $19.00

      Shipping Rates:
      Rate $25.00

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      GingerSnaps: 8299 Concession 3, Listowel, ON N4W 3G8

      The Scrapbook Shop: 163 Inkerman Street West, Listowel, ON N4W 1B8

      Metal Prints

      Our choice product for our Metal Prints is 3mm Alupanel.

      There are 2 styles you will need to choose from. After you decide on the photo you’d like to use, you can better make a decision on which style of Metal Print will suit best.

      Standard Metal

      The colours on this type of Metal Print will show true to your original photo. You can feel and see the metal texture, but the silver will not show through your photo.

      Brushed Metal

      When you choose the Brushed Metal finish, the colours of your photo may appear slightly muted, allowing the silver to show through the lighter spots in your photos. This option adds a striking effect.

      When you start the process of ordering your Metal Print you will choose a Mounting Option. This will tell us what type of hardware, if any, you would like included with your order.


      If you choose None for your Mounting Option, no hardware will be included with your order. This is a great style for shelf-sitting.

      Command Strips

      Command Strips are pieces of double-sided adhesive that allow you to fasten your Metal Print to most wall surfaces. They are easy to use and make it easy to move your print to new locations without leaving any defects in your wall. You will receive the correct number of strips according to the size of your print.


      If you choose to have Stand-Offs included in your order, you will receive 2 or 4 metal mounting pieces. (The quantity is pre-determined by size and you will receive the proper number for your print.) They are either 0.5” or 0.75” in diameter (also predetermined by the size of your print.) There will be holes drilled into your metal where the Stand-Offs can be fastened to your wall. They will hold your metal piece either 0.5” or 0.75” out from the wall, respective, to the diameter.

      Photo Puzzles

      A personalized puzzle is a perfect gift idea for the puzzle-lover in your life. We have a variety of size options available to cover all ages. You can easily upload a photo from your phone or computer, and you’ll have the option to add text or embellishments. When your design is complete, your photo will be printed on a blank puzzle containing the number of pieces you have pre-chosen. Your new treasure will arrive in a classy white linen box with a photo mounted on the top for easy viewing.

      20 pieces 10.5” x 13.5”
      28 pieces 8” x 5.5”
      285 pieces 12” x 16.5”
      500 pieces 18” x 24”
      1000 pieces 19” x 28”

      Wood Prints

      If you choose a to display your photo as a Wood Print, our in-house artisans will print your photo on ¾” Canadian Pine using a large flat-bed printer. Hand-finishing will be applied to the edges to the specifications you choose.

      We have 3 sizes available

      12” x 12”
      24” x 12”
      36” x 12”

      We have three options available for finishing your Wood Print.

      Clean Edge

      Leave the edge as is, in its natural state.

      Sanded Edge

      The front edge of the wood containing the photo will be lightly sanded to add a textured, antique look.

      Sanded & Burnt Edge

      Along with the front edge being sanded we will lightly burn the sanded parts, bringing out a darker hue in the wood.

      Canvas Wraps

      After you decide on a photo to display, your wrap can be designed in minutes, from any computer or mobile device.

      Your photo is printed on premium canvas material using a large roll printer. The frame is then hand assembled with skill and the newly printed canvas is carefully wrapped around the frame by one of our in-house artisans.





      Our archival grade canvas is made with 40% cotton, wrapped around a sturdy frame of Canadian softwood. Your canvas will stand out as a featured wall-hanging for years!

      The frame depth is 2″, meaning 2.25″ of your photo will wrap around each edge. This allows for 2″ along the sides and the additional 0.25″ will wrap around to the back to be adhered. Wrapping the additional 0.25″ means there will be full colour showing with no chance of blank canvas being seen. 

      Our eco-friendly ink applied by top-of-the-line printers will produce a crisp, high quality image.

      Cover Options

      You will have 3 options for your cover


      This option allows you to design the cover and personalize it any way you want. The cover will not be rigid but will flex with the rest of the pages.


      This option also allows you to design the cover fully and it will be a stiff, solid cover that will not bend as the book is viewed.


      This option provides the hardcover feel, but it is not designable. Instead you choose one of three colour options and the hardcover is wrapped in lovely leather.

      Photo Calendars

      We offer 2 types of calendars: Wall Calendars and Easel Calendars

      For Wall Calendars we have two styles to choose from; Snap Calendars and Scrapbook Calendars. There are various sizes available for each, depending on the template.

      Wall Calendars

      Snap Calendars

      If you would like to simply add photos to a lovely, pre-designed template then this is the calendar for you. There are no scrapbooking features available to the top portions. You do have the option to click on a date and add text to the calendar bottom.

      Scrapbook Calendars

      The Scrapbook Calendar gives you full designing and editing capabilities. Although it is easier to begin with one of our pre-designed templates, you have the ability to make as many edits, changes, additions as you would like. You also have the ability to add text boxes to the calendar bottom to add detail to special dates.

      Easel Calendars

      These modern calendars are great for a desk or shelf. They come to you as 12 separate cards that are placed into a black wood stand. We have pre-designed templates for these, but you do have the ability to edit as you would like. There are both landscape and portrait options.

      Finishing Options

      Photo Cards

      You can personalize cards for ALL occasions; birth announcements, weddings, party invites, thank you cards, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.
      • 4” x 5.5”
      • 5” x 5”
      • 5” x 7”

      Our cards default to be printed on a silk finish paper. If you would prefer at Matte finish you can choose that option at the end in the basket.

      Envelopes can be included with your order at no extra cost. Be sure to click the Add button in the basket upon checkout.

      Ice PearlFinish

      For $5 you can upgrade to a beautiful Ice Pear finish, giving it a fancier, sparkling finish.

      Rounded Corners

      If you prefer rounded over square for the corners, we can finish your cards as rounded for $8.

      4″ x 5.5″ 5″ x 5″ 5″ x 7″
      10 $15.00 10      $20.00 10      $20.00
      25 $31.25 25      $37.50 25      $37.50
      50  $62.00 50      $75.00 50      $75.00
      75  $87.00 75 $99.00 75 $99.00
      100     $100.00 100    $125.00 100    $125.00
      125      $112.50 125    $150.00 125    $150.00
      150 $120.00 150    $165.00 150    $165.00
      200      $150.00 200    $200.00 200    $200.00

      Photo Prints

      Your photos are printed on premium photo paper, using the latest in equipment. We offer 15 different size options. Your photos will come to you cut down to the exact size you choose, there will be no trimming left for you to do. 

      QTY 1-50 51-100 101-200 200+
      2"x2" $0.25 $0.23 $0.22 $0.20
      2"x3" $0.25 $0.23 $0.22 $0.20
      3"x3" $0.25 $0.23 $0.22 $0.20
      3"x4" $0.25 $0.23 $0.22 $0.20
      3"x8" $0.35 $0.29 $0.27 $0.25
      4"x4" $0.34 $0.32 $0.27 $0.25
      4"x6" $0.35 $0.29 $0.27 $0.25
      4"x8" $0.50 $0.46 $0.43 $0.40
      5"x7" $1.45 $1.19 $0.99 $0.89
      6"x6" $2.99 $2.59 $2.39 $2.19
      6"x8" $3.49 $3.14 $2.97 $2.79
      6"x12" $3.99 $3.59 $3.39 $3.19
      8"x10" $3.99 $3.59 $3.39 $3.19
      12"x12" $7.99 $7.49 $6.99 $6.49
      11"x14" $9.99 $8.99 $8.49 $7.99

      Photo Books

      Photo Books can be as easy or as complex as you would like them to be. If you love designing and scrapbooking, the PhotoBook is going to give you the options you’re looking for. If you are better with a pre-designed template allowing you to simply drag and drop your photos, we are set up for you as well! We also have a Snapbook option that allows you to simply add one large photo to each page, not needing to worry about any text or designing.

      If you decide to create a Photobook (rather than a Snapbook) it is always a good idea to begin with a pre-designed template that appeals to you and your theme. There will be elements you use and love and some you’ll want to change and move to customize. By clicking on Advanced Editing on the top menu bar, you will have access to different layouts, backgrounds, font styles, colour options, embellishment selections, etc. 

      Photo Book

      If you love designing and scrapbooking, the PhotoBook is going to give you the options you’re looking for. A great way to get started is to choose a pre-designed template. There will be elements you use and love and some you may want to change and move to customize. Once you start your design, you will see different layouts, backgrounds, text options, embellishment selections and you can rearrange any way you like.

      Snap Book

      This book is designed to be quick and easy. It is simply dragging and dropping photos, one onto each page. It is a very efficient way to bring your photos to life for others to enjoy, without the stress of designing. This book will use between 20-200 photos. If you decide you would like to add text or embellishments you do have that option, but the simplicity of the set-up takes the pressure off if you are looking for an easier solution.

      Imported Page Books

      This book is designed for you to drag and drop your pages created in other programs directly into a prepared album. You have 3 different size options to choose from, as well as cover materials and spine styles. This template is designed with a white background, which will perfectly display pages that are created in white. There is a 1/4″ white border added so your imported page will not be cut off around the edges. Whether you create your pages in Project Life, Album Stomp, In Design, Artisan, or any other program, exporting your pages as jpg and adding them into this established template will create an easy process for you.

      Mini Books

      This adorable 4” x 4” books size will perfectly display any set of photos in a simple and tidy fashion. It’s a great way to display the photos you’ve posted throughout the year in your Instagram Account. This funky square book will be your new favourite!

      Recipe Books

      Gather together your favourite recipes, or the favourites of your entire family and keep them in one fun Recipe Book. Add your ingredient list, directions, a photo to personalize it and even add memories or thoughts associated with that special dish. This will be a book cherished for years to come!
      You can create your book from scratch or begin with one of our pre-designed templates. Our software offers you ultimate control over the final look of your book. Recipe Books are created just as the Photo Books, with the additional option of a spiral binding for easy usage in the kitchen.


      This option allows you to design the cover and personalize it any way you want. The cover will not be rigid but will flex with the rest of the pages.


      This option also allows you to design the cover fully and it will be a stiff, solid cover that will not bend as the book is viewed.


      This option provides the hardcover feel, but it is not designable. Instead you choose one of three colour options and the hardcover is wrapped in lovely leather.


      Softcover books are only available with regular pages. This means they will not lie completely flat but will curve up slightly from the spine


      For hardcover books (including leather) you can choose to stay with the basic regular pages, or you can upgrade to the lay-flat option. The lay-flat options allow your two pages to be viewed as one complete spread. The hinge area will lie flat. This is especially stunning when showcasing scenery photos.

      All book can hold between 20-200 pages. 

      8″ x 6″ – Landscape

      8″ x 8″ – Square

      10″ x 10″ – Square

      11″ x 8 1/2″ – Landscape

      12″ x 12″ – Square

      All books can hold between 20-200 pages.