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      Create a stylish, personalized notebook for everyday use. Choose from a pre-made template or start with a blank notebook and start creating!
      These notebooks can add a cute touch to your office, home or school space.

      All notebooks are made with a soft laminate cover and are bound with a black wire coil. Each notebook comes with 80 pages.
      You can choose to have either lined paper or blank paper in your notebook.

      Metal Prints

      Our choice product for our Metal Prints is 3mm Alupanel.

      There are 2 styles you will need to choose from. After you decide on the photo you’d like to use, you can better make a decision on which style of Metal Print will suit best.

      Photo Puzzles

      A personalized puzzle is a perfect gift idea for the puzzle-lover in your life. We have a variety of size options available to cover all ages. You can easily upload a photo from your phone or computer, and you’ll have the option to add text or embellishments. When your design is complete, your photo will be printed on a blank puzzle containing the number of pieces you have pre-chosen. Your new treasure will arrive in a classy white linen box with a photo mounted on the top for easy viewing.

      Wood Prints

      If you choose a to display your photo as a Wood Print, our in-house artisans will print your photo on ¾” Canadian Pine using a large flat-bed printer. Hand-finishing will be applied to the edges to the specifications you choose.

      Canvas Wraps

      After you decide on a photo to display, your wrap can be designed in minutes, from any computer or mobile device.

      Your photo is printed on premium canvas material using a large roll printer. The frame is then hand assembled with skill and the newly printed canvas is carefully wrapped around the frame by one of our in-house artisans.

      Cover Options

      You will have 3 options for your cover


      This option allows you to design the cover and personalize it any way you want. The cover will not be rigid but will flex with the rest of the pages.


      This option also allows you to design the cover fully and it will be a stiff, solid cover that will not bend as the book is viewed.


      This option provides the hardcover feel, but it is not designable. Instead you choose one of three colour options and the hardcover is wrapped in lovely leather.

      Photo Calendars

      We offer 2 types of calendars: Wall Calendars and Easel Calendars

      For Wall Calendars we have two styles to choose from; Snap Calendars and Scrapbook Calendars. There are various sizes available for each, depending on the template.

      Wall Calendars

      Snap Calendars

      If you would like to simply add photos to a lovely, pre-designed template then this is the calendar for you. There are no scrapbooking features available to the top portions. You do have the option to click on a date and add text to the calendar bottom.

      Scrapbook Calendars

      The Scrapbook Calendar gives you full designing and editing capabilities. Although it is easier to begin with one of our pre-designed templates, you have the ability to make as many edits, changes, additions as you would like. You also have the ability to add text boxes to the calendar bottom to add detail to special dates.

      Easel Calendars

      These modern calendars are great for a desk or shelf. They come to you as 12 separate cards that are placed into a black wood stand. We have pre-designed templates for these, but you do have the ability to edit as you would like. There are both landscape and portrait options.

      Finishing Options

      Photo Cards

      You can personalize cards for ALL occasions; birth announcements, weddings, party invites, thank you cards, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

      Photo Prints

      Your photos are printed on premium photo paper, using the latest in equipment. We offer 15 different size options. Your photos will come to you cut down to the exact size you choose, there will be no trimming left for you to do. 

      QTY 1-50 51-100 101-200 200+
      2"x2" $0.25 $0.23 $0.22 $0.20
      2"x3" $0.25 $0.23 $0.22 $0.20
      3"x3" $0.25 $0.23 $0.22 $0.20
      3"x4" $0.25 $0.23 $0.22 $0.20
      3"x8" $0.35 $0.29 $0.27 $0.25
      4"x4" $0.34 $0.32 $0.27 $0.25
      4"x6" $0.35 $0.29 $0.27 $0.25
      4"x8" $0.50 $0.46 $0.43 $0.40
      5"x7" $1.45 $1.19 $0.99 $0.89
      6"x6" $2.99 $2.59 $2.39 $2.19
      6"x8" $3.49 $3.14 $2.97 $2.79
      6"x12" $3.99 $3.59 $3.39 $3.19
      8"x10" $3.99 $3.59 $3.39 $3.19
      12"x12" $7.99 $7.49 $6.99 $6.49
      11"x14" $9.99 $8.99 $8.49 $7.99

      Photo Books

      Photo Books can be as easy or as complex as you would like them to be. If you love designing and scrapbooking, the PhotoBook is going to give you the options you’re looking for. If you are better with a pre-designed template allowing you to simply drag and drop your photos, we are set up for you as well! We also have a Snapbook option that allows you to simply add one large photo to each page, not needing to worry about any text or designing.

      If you decide to create a Photobook (rather than a Snapbook) it is always a good idea to begin with a pre-designed template that appeals to you and your theme. There will be elements you use and love and some you’ll want to change and move to customize. By clicking on Advanced Editing on the top menu bar, you will have access to different layouts, backgrounds, font styles, colour options, embellishment selections, etc.